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LK-DMX-25FT Premium DMX 100% Copper Cable 3-Pin Shielded Lighting XLR Male-Female

$99.99 $44.99

Unlike some XLR cables that are marketed for DMX use but are really just microphone cables, the Cedarslink DMX cables are specifically designed for DMX lighting applications.  What's the difference? DMX lighting fixtures, controllers and terminators are designed to interconnect using cables with a characteristic impedance of 110 ohms to minimize noise and electrical reflections which can interfere with the DMX data signals and cause problems with lighting fixtures. To build a cable with an impedance of 110 ohms the cable wires must have a specific spacing, with a specific twisting, and the cable must use the correct insulator materials and shielding.  Cedarslink DMX cable engineers design and test the cables to ensure the correct impedance is achieved for reliable low-noise DMX operation.

  • 25FT XLR male to female
  • 100% oxygen free copper cable
  • Silver-plated all-metal connectors that feel strong and sturdy in your hand
  • Includes Velcro tie down for storage
  • Advanced strain-relief using compression fittings and locking system
  • XLR pin connections are individually protected with heat-shrink on each connection
  • Field-serviceable connectors can be opened and repaired if ever needed