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Complete 16.5 ft Square Aluminum Double Truss Goal Post Lighting System DJ Lights

$3,499.99 $1,859.43

This system allows for you to mount your lights and fixtures on the 16.5 ft. goal post trussing system, while still having two 1.5 meter totem truss systems on the same system! Without having to purchase or worry about separate systems. The trussing is completely 2" diameter. Save time and money with this custom package deal!


  • 100" (8.3 ft.) total height
  • 16.5 ft. total width
  • 9 ft. headroom

System includes:

  • Four 2 meter (6.56 ft.) aluminum truss sections
  • Two 1.5 meter (4.92 ft.) aluminum truss sections
  • Two 90° corners
  • Two 12"x13" truss tops
  • Two 13"x39" base plates
  • All coupler connecting hardware