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CedarsLink DJ Event Facade White/Black Scrim Complete Metal Booth With Flat Tops

$999.99 $549.99

New from CedarsLink is our custom one-off truss/facade system. This system features two 1.5 meter black triangle truss sections for the uprights with 12"x13" flat tops to hold your moving head lights or fixtures. Connected to the trusses via metal clamps are two 18" x 47.5" flat metal mesh table tops that you can mount at any height or angle along the trusses

Cover yourself and your system up with the included easy to use black or white mesh panels! Use the black panels to hide your system or use the white panels to illuminate dramatic LED effects with. The system is all supported by two 13"x39" bases. Everything assembles together in minutes for a quick setup/tear down

System includes:

  • Two 1.5 meter (4.92 ft.) black triangle truss sections with 1.5" diameter tubing
  • Two 12"x13" flat tops
  • Two 13"x39" bases
  • Two 18"x47.5" flat metal mesh tops with clamps for mounting to side trusses
  • Black and white mesh facade panels