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BEAST-5 DJ Event Facade White/Black Scrims Triangle Truss Booth Complete Arch System


  • Introducing the all new BEAST-5 triangle truss DJ facade booth system! This system features everything that a DJ needs to hold their DJ gear, lights, monitors etc. all while being able to cover up cables and clutter with the included lycra mesh facades!
  • The triangle trusses that create the frame are 10" wide and have 1.5" diameter tubing so that you can easily attach O clamps to hold lights and monitors
  • The entire system is supported by two heavy duty 13"x39" base plates. 
  • Simply connect all of the trusses together using the included bolt system 
  • The included flat mesh table top is 18"x47.5" and has opening holes on it for running your cables. The flat top can also be attached to virtually any height along the truss using the included clamp connection
  • The top and bottom lycra covers can be attached to any height as well
  • Use the black lycra covers when you want to cover up your setup or use the white when you want to shine an LED light onto them, giving it a dramatic effect
  • Easily add your own graphics to the white lycra mesh to make it into a sign display
  • You can use the system as an arch truss alone to hold your lighting fixtures if you do not attach the lycra scrim or table top

BEAST-5 DJ Event Facade with black panels(included) By Cedarslink

BEAST-5 DJ Event Facade with white panels(included) By Cedarslink