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(2)DJ Lighting Aluminum Truss Light Weight Dual 3.28 ft Totem System Moving Head. 290mm.x290mm. Type Trussing! 2" Diameter Tubing! 12"x12" Fitment!


  • System Includes Two (2) 3.28 ft. Totem Truss Stands. Perfect for mounting moving head lights, speaker monitors, or to hang a TV from!
  • Two (2) 1 meter (3.28 ft.) square aluminum truss sections with 2" diameter tubing and 12"x12" diameter fitment
  • Two 20"x20" bases that you can mount the truss on the front, center, or rear of the base. Rounded corner edges to avoid injury
  • Two 12"x12" top plates for mounting lights and monitors
  • Includes all necessary couplers and pins/clips