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LK-SAT 12"X12" Aluminum Base Plate/ Top For Square Trussing Fits 1.25" Tube 8" Diameter

$99.99 $49.29

  • 12" x 12" aluminum base/top plate for standard sized 290mm. x 290mm. (11.42"x11.42") square box aluminum truss, metal triangle truss sections, or miniature LK-SAT trusses by CedarsLink
  • Includes 4 half couplers on the base along with 4 pins and clips to mount LK-SAT 8" width 1.25" pipe diameter square truss
  • Incredibly heavy-duty industrial strength to withstand the most demanding events
  • Larger/sturdier/thicker base than other brands! 
  • Rounded edges to avoid injury and damage (compare to other brands)
  • Unit weight: only 4.6 pounds!